5 things to know about trains in Italy


1) It’s important not to forget to annul your ticket. On every station platform there’s a small machine (obliteratrice) into which you must insert your ticket to stamp it with the date. If your ticket isn’t franked, you could have a fine to pay.


2) In winter there is always a compartment in which the heating is broken. In summer it´s easy that the ventilation doesn´t work and in this case also all the windows will be closed


3)If you’re travelling any distance, you need to be aware that Italians have other names for foreign cities. Italians call Paris Parigi, so of course Paris wasn’t mentioned on the departures board. The same applies to Nice (Nizza) and curiously, Munich, which turns out to be Monaco.

4)One of the most beautiful railway lines in Italy and in the world  is the historic train Sulmona – Roccaraso


5)Rail strikes are fairly frequent in Italy




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