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My name is Luca, I am 40 years old and I come from Milano.  I am an Italian teacher in the city of Jonkoping, Sweden, and give courses to both private persons and groups, in real life and online. I run a company called  LucaLupo språkstudio as a part of Ledning & Ledarskap.


For 8 years I have taught Italian on Skype, through the site verbalplanet.com. Last October I started up a new concept: Skype classes. These classes consist of 4 to 6 people and we learn Italian together with people from different parts of the world.

Soon a new class for beginners will start

  • It will take place on Sundays at 6 pm -Rome time i.e 5 pm in London, 12 pm in New York, 9 am in Los Angeles)
  • It consists of 8 lessons
  • One lesson lasts an hour

The price for the entire course (8 lessons) is 105 € /person . The payment goes through paypal or bill (if you are from Sweden) and it is paid after the first lesson.



The course is focused on conversation i.e speaking proficiency. You will learn the basics of Italian (grammar and pronunciation) and start speaking it immediately through easy conversations, questions, easy reading and listening activities.

After each class you’ll be given some exercises to do for next lesson. This could be grammar, reading, listening or writing exercises. Naturally this “homework” will be adapted to your needs and time.

The schedule is flexible and if most of you are unable to join one lesson it can easily be postponed to the following week.

The price includes:





Availability for enquiries

If you already know some Italian, you can join one of the other classes.

Lower intermediate class : We meet every Monday at 8 pm Rome time (2 pm in NY)

Intermediate class: We meet every Tuesday morning at 9 am Rome time. This is a class where we focus more on conversation.

Contact me if interested or if you have any enquiries. You can have one trial lesson for free.


Buona giornata!



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