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”My husband and me have had Luca as our Italian Skype teacher since autumn 2017. Our group of four persons has a very nice mix of people. Luca is a person who asks you questions all the time and that makes you talk in present, past and future forms. We use a mix of different material for homework and in the lessons (text, film, grammar, vocabulary) and we also have a lot of fun!” (Anita and Per S., Sweden)

”Group classes with Luca are a fantastic way to learn Italian. Not only do I get a great teacher but also other people at my level to talk with and learn from. I highly recommend trying one of Luca’s group classes for yourself!” (Jeff V., Australia)

Luca’s lessons are both interesting and informative and he is very patient!  I have learnt a lot since starting my Skype lessons with him.  (Susanna W., England)

I’ve been studying Italian now for 2 years but have just joined Luca’s group. Having the opportunity to listen to others in the group speak Italian and being “forced” to speak it myself will, I feel confident, rapidly increase both my confidence and my ability to speak Italian. And best of all, because I’m in a group of friends, it’s a lot of fun. I never thought I’d be able to saying trying to learn a foreign language would be fun but I can now. Thanks Luca (Michael S., USA)

I have taken my Italian classes with Luca now for 9 months via Skype. Luca is a fantastic teacher! The classes are diverse with a variety of different learning tools – books, articles, videos, grammar, exercises, vocabulary, online-quizzes, pictograms… It never gets boring! There is a strong focus on conversation as well, which is exactly what I need for my next vacation in Italy 🙂 
I also love the convenience of the Skype classes. I can take them from home or in cafe/hotel when I am travelling. My class mates are from all over the world and it is exciting to exchange different ideas and experiences in Italian. (Angela P. , Austria)



My name is Luca, I am 40 years old and I come from Milano.  I am an Italian teacher in the city of Jonkoping, Sweden, and give courses to both private persons and groups, in real life and online. I run a company called  LucaLupo Italian school as a part of Ledning & Ledarskap.

For 8 years I have given Skype lessons especially through the site to clients from various parts of the world and last october I have started a new concept: Skype group lessons.  The classes consist of 4 to 6 people and we learn together Italian with people from different parts of the world.

The course is focused on conversation i.e speaking proficiency. You will learn the basics of Italian (grammar and pronunciation) and start speaking it immediately through easy conversations, questions, easy reading and listening activities.

After each class you’ll be given some exercises to do for next lesson. This could be grammar, reading, listening or writing exercises. Naturally this “homework” will be adapted to your needs and time.

The schedule is flexible and if most of you are unable to join one lesson it can easily be postponed to the following week.

The price for the whole course (8 lessons, every lesson is 60 minutes) is 100 euros.

The price includes:





Availability for enquiries

In May 2019 I will start a new class for beginners! Contact me if interested or if you have any enquiries.

Buona giornata!

Luca Lupo

20 Jun 2016
By : raginis

Luca has been my Italian tutor for three years and my Italian has gone from strength to strength thanks to him. Whether we do grammar or talk about Italian popular culture, I always learn something new. Grazie mille Luca! 


15 Jun 2016
By : Larry Hogan

Over the course of my lessons with Luca I have found that he consistently creates an enjoyable and focussed lesson environment, providing the space to learn to express yourself in Italian, while identifying and following-up key areas for development.

30 May 2016

By : flunkie
26 Aug 2015
By : flunkie
Luca is always prepared for class, has thoughtful and appropriate homework assigments, and is a very effective teacher.
21 Nov 2014
By : dbardeen
It has been about 10 months now and I am amazed at how much I have learnt. Still a long long way to go to be fluent but Luca is really good at progressing through lessons. Always a good lesson.
14 Nov 2014
By : dbardeen
Luca is a great teacher, gives a lot of thought to each lesson.
24 Oct 2014
By : dbardeen
Luca asks a lot of good questions so that I remain challenged 🙂 I enjoyed the lesson a lot. I always do.
19 Jan 2014
By : olliejwilliams
Another good lesson, definitely seeing the progress! I recommend Luca to anyone looking to learn Italian


10 Jan 2014
By : Manuela90
I had my first lesson with Luca today and I am positively impressed. He asked a lot of good questions to find out my level. Also he corrected my in a helpful and gentel way. I look forward to my next lesson with him.
08 Dec 2013
By : olliejwilliams
Very friendly and cozy atmosphere to learn a language. the introductory lesson is comprehensive and it lures you to complete what you just started. Grazie Luca.
25 Nov 2013
By : olliejwilliams
Just had my first session with Luca Lupo. It was great. he quickly assessed my language capability and tailored the session to my skill level while gently pushing me just beyond my comfort zone. I look forward to the next session!
02 Jun 2013
By : LisaAtch
Excellent lesson. I’m slowly improving my conversational skills with Luca’s clever, patient, and intuitive methods of teaching.
14 May 2013
By : YukoA
Luca is a great teacher! He is patient when I forget something, and helps me only when I need it. Also, he sends me extra material for practising between the lessons. I definitely recommend Luca if you want to study Italian! 🙂
01 May 2013
By : jefferic
Great first two lessons with Luca. He has identified my level quickly and chosen suitable + fun materials to aid my progression. Thank you! Looking forward to the next one
29 Mar 2013
By : susanweiler

Time flies by – which is a good sign. I really enjoy my sessions with Luca. Fab teacher

22 Mar 2013
By : susanweiler
During the trial lesson, Luca assessed my speaking skills to determine my level. He was very helpful in correcting my mistakes and provided additional information.
01 Mar 2013
By : susanweiler
25 Feb 2013
By : TraceyLloydMorris
Third lesson with Luca and I am enjoying the learning a lot. I appreciate his attentiveness, the conversation and questions and going over the words learnt fro the previous lesson. Looking forward to more.
31 Jan 2013
By : ahiatt
The lesson was fun and I learned a lot! My Italian husband, who taught Italian for 7 years, is very impressed with the quality of this teacher. Thanks, Luca!
23 Dec 2012
By : echiappini
I was extremely nervous before the lesson, but right away I felt better. He is so nice and the lesson was great! I learned a lot and look forward to the next one. Thanks, Luca!
11 Dec 2012
By : TraceyLloydMorris
really enjoying my lessons, as the progress is very much evident. Luca’s structure of the course is brilliant. He covers a little bit of everything in a session.


26 Nov 2012
By : TraceyLloydMorris
Just had my trial lesson. I feel very excited about learning with Luca. I have every confidence he will be the right teacher for me in my quest to speak Italian fluently.
25 Aug 2012
By : purplemoon
The lesson was very useful to remember the basis of the language that I have not used for a long time. Luca is constantly asking questions to the student so that the lasson is dinamic and the student is using the Italian as much as possible.


14 May 2012
By : Larry Hogan
I have enjoyed the lesson. I like the method Luca uses. He is sociable and makes a student memorize Italian words better through communication.
12 Mar 2012
By : Vallier
What can I say? You can’t fault the guy. Another great lesson. If you are interested in learning Italian, you want Luca as your instructor!
09 Mar 2012
By : mmorine
Another excellent lesson with Luca. As with the first lesson, I felt that I learned a lot, was challenged a lot, and enjoyed it tremendously. Luca is very friendly and wonderful to chat with.


23 Feb 2012
By : mmorine
Luca does a great job of challenging my weaknesses, while keeping the lesson very enjoyable.
23 Feb 2012
By : Vallier
Just finished my first lesson with Luca, and it was fantastic. He is patient and has a great sense of humour. The lesson was also challenging, yet remained fun all the way throughout. I’m looking forwad to next week already!
12 Feb 2012
By : mmorine
Once again a very good lesson. Luca is fun to learn from and he always makes learning fun and interesting, but challenging too. Grazie mille.
30 Sep 2011
By : Wayne Howard
An excellent lesson. Luca is fun, lively , interesting and above all he makes learning fun, whilst at the same time challenging me. I can’t wait for my next lesson.
23 Sep 2011
By : Wayne Howard
An excellent lessson, Luca is a very good teacher. I had the opportunity to use all the Italian Ihave learned. He is friendly and v ery patient and he encouraged me to use Italian as much as possible. I can’t wait for my next lesson. grazie mille
11 Mar 2011
By : danielz
The first lesson was brilliant! Luca is creative and dynamic teacher, he based the lesson around my requirements including phonetics and grammar points. Moreover he is a very nice person! Highly recommended.
07 Mar 2011
By : kolombito18
I just had my first lesson with Luca. He is very friendly, patient and easy to talk to. At the end of the lesson, he gave me a plan for the next lesson, which sounds very systematic and useful. Recommended.


26 Feb 2011
By : danielz
Excellent lesson. Very patient and was very good about correcting mistakes. Luca is great for practicing conversation.
16 Feb 2011
By : mariasun
Very good teacher, I wish I could talk to him all the time, helps to develop good speaking skills and easy communication process:)

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